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I have consulted several specialists, otolaryngologists, osteopaths, dental surgeons, occlusodontists, stomatologists. I was held many speeches and have been exposed many theses (the problem is chemical, psychological, due to bad dental contact or noise traumatism …). Some of these theories could be true…

After a long period of wandering to audition specialist cabinets that made me swallow a good part of the sample medicines available in drugstores for tinnitus treatment, access to the worldwide web lead me to unsuspected paths. I landed to dentist cabinet or to osteopaths and I have even contacted some healers who had the honesty to tell me not to be able to do anything for my tinnitus. In a last recourse I even call God for help, but he didn’t answer me, at least not with the clarity I hoped…

Consulting dentists made me sure about two things: first, my problem was effectively related to my teeth. Second, dentists didn’t know how to solve it. Their opinions on the question even show many discrepancies.

According to the remarks made by some of them, it even seemed that the whole issue was hopeless. But experience taught me one thing: when one puts energy to seek something, one ends up finding it.

Tinnitus can occur for various reasons: accidents, noise traumatisms, drug intoxications, otospongiosis, occlusion disorders, etc. Noise traumatisms and occlusion disorders are the most frequents causes. Other causes are rather marginal. Noise traumatisms can sometimes be healed with drugs called vasodilators. In my opinion, the most unknown cause responsible of the major number of tinnitus cases is dental occlusion disorder.

Tinnitus must be comprehended as distress signals that indicate that something is going wrong. They are only one symptom among several others resulting from a dysfunction of our corporal mechanism.

Tinnitus is only the tree that hides the forest. Dr. James Costen, a precursor on the matter, spoke about ENT disorders whereas actually the number of disorders in question goes far beyond this framework. A large number of health issues related to a bad position of the mandible are treated specifically by therapists dedicated to the concerned part of the body.



Here is a non-exhaustive list of the symptoms that could happen along with tinnitus.

· Deafness

· Vertigos

· Nauseas

· Heart disorders

· Memory and concentration disorders

· Headaches

· Bruxism

· Chronic fatigue syndrome

· Eye disorders

· Muscular tensions (pains in the neck and the in the back)

· Decrease of intellectual faculties

· Eczema

· Nervousness

· Depressive state

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