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This word is used everywhere by any kind of medical practitioner to explain not elucidated disorders. That it acts of muscular pains, depression, of anguishes … stress is always finger pointed as the main cause of various symptoms when your general practitioner has no more solution that can explain your intriguing case. But did one ask the question if the stress was not a symptom like the so numerous symptoms it is supposed to trigger? My conclusions is that stress do not provokes tinnitus  in the case of a disorder of occlusion but it is caused by this malocclusion as well as many symptoms which come to pile up and makes  life of a growing number of people difficult to live. But obviously its release can worsen the symptoms already present. Occlusion and posture being closely bound by the vertebrae it is thus not astonishing that a sporting practice will have a beneficial effect on stress and on tinnitus. But in many cases sport is not enough and that what I’m trying to make people aware.