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Acupuncture appears sometimes effective. In a field where science seems helpless, those whose are suffering from tinnitus are at a certain time left to their own. Each time I pronounced the word Tinnitus in a doctor cabinet I felt his embarrassment and his pressing desire to get rid of an awkward case. On Internet forums dedicated to tinnitus each one exchanged its tricks. Thus during one period I stopped consuming dairy products which (supposedly) could generate deafness problems and thus potentially tinnitus because of the glutamate contained in it. Then, I tried homeopathy in particular Arnica Montana and other products more specifically dedicated to tinnitus. Vitamins were not neglected. A Vitamin and E vitamin gave rather interesting results. In this “I would have tried everything”, I had landed in this Chinese acupuncturist doctor exerting his talents in the 11th district of Paris. The idea of consulting an acupuncturist was trotting in my the head since a long moment, and it is by chance while walking in the street that I had found his address.

Doctor Ming received and treated two customers at the same time in separate rooms. Its cabinet, a small two-room apartment, made about thirty square meters at the maximum. The corridor in the entry which made about five square meters gave on the two main rooms and acted as waiting room. Paperboards were often piled up in the corridor reducing the already rare space intended for the transit of the patients. The part opposite the main door contained besides a stretcher, an office on which collapsed a mountain of papers and files and drugs of any kind. The room was filled, it was really a mess! The meeting started with the application of essential oil on the face and at the entrance of nostrils. Then, pins were affixed at various places of the body.



It was not frankly pleasant. I had pins on the head, the ears, the arms, the legs, the toes. I might as well say that I was entirely pinned. The session lasted about thirty minute and ended with cranial osteopathy. After leaving the cabinet I felt much more slackened, tinnitus were much less violent and my hearing was better. But my tensions returned after few days. Thus each week, I went to the acupuncturist. That lasted 6 months. The Doctor Ming fees were not very high, they were about forty euros. For this tariff, you were beneficing of acupunctures session, osteopathy and a general practitioner. But these frequent accumulated meetings appreciably reduced my purchasing power and I end up stopping them. Little by little, I tried to reproduce certain handling of the acupuncturist alone and managed to maintain my body at a relaxing state allowing me to live without therapist. I had stopped all drugs because for a long time I had noted their inefficiency. After having reproduced successfully certain handling of the acupuncturist aiming at slackening the muscles of the neck, I had to reproduce certain handling of osteopathy. A handling made it possible “to unbolt the basin” seemed to fail in the cabinets of osteopathy; thus as I had seen making, I brought back the knee against the belly and folded it back on the right or left without feeling anything that I could have interpreted like an unlocking. During many years, I had practiced karate. One day, during a competition, I had a breakdown. Then, when I started a circular kick sometimes one “crack” was being heard on the level of the articulation between the thigh and the basin. I had always put that on the after-effects of the training. While trying to reproduce osteopathy handling later I reproduced the famous “crack” and in parallel I felt a release of my spinal column which propagated until my jaw. Once this release obtained, while rocking my bust and seeking far behind the right and then the left, I heard cracklings which were coming from my vertebrae. I felt thereafter a great wellbeing. My jaw was slackened and opened with much less deviation. From this moment I did not need to consult an osteopath any more. Then, I learned how to slacken truly my jaw in “positioning back my cervical vertebrae”. I had found the means of relieving myself with low costs, but the wellbeing felt was only temporary. The rectified spinal column bent a few hours later and I had unceasingly to repeat these exercises. I was conscious that this brutal handling could have perverse effects with time but I could not make differently. It is on vacation that I was definitively convinced of the jaw responsibility on my muscular contractions.



It is on the beach of the “small harbor” in Guadeloupe which I had noted that I all the more clearly heard my entourage as I remained a long time in the water. My preferred hobby was to observe the landscape submarine provided with a mask and a tuba. I could thus remain hours in the water. At the beginning, I had thought that this sudden improvement of my state came from the fact that I was on vacation and that all the conditions were met to evacuate the stress which is the scapegoat of many unexplained disorders. But once left the water, my hearing problems were back. I finally noticed that what causes that improvement was the soft piece of the tuba when in the mouth. It was radical, as soon as I bit the ends of the tuba my jaw usually contracted, slackened and I felt this relaxation in the whole of my body. Thus during a certain time I made use of an end of tuba to decrease my tinnitus. Building from this experience, I had acquired the certainty that my hearing problems were not owed to an over-exposure with noise and that my state was not irreversible. I only had to find a specialized dentist who was going to cure me quickly and definitely from this malediction. But the game was far from being gained…