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It is on the beach of the “small harbor” in Guadeloupe which I had noted that I all the more clearly heard my entourage as I remained a long time in the water. My preferred hobby was to observe the landscape submarine provided with a mask and a tuba. I could thus remain hours in the water. At the beginning, I had thought that this sudden improvement of my state came from the fact that I was on vacation and that all the conditions were met to evacuate the stress which is the scapegoat of many unexplained disorders. But once left the water, my hearing problems were back. I finally noticed that what causes that improvement was the soft piece of the tuba when in the mouth. It was radical, as soon as I bit the ends of the tuba my jaw usually contracted, slackened and I felt this relaxation in the whole of my body. Thus during a certain time I made use of an end of tuba to decrease my tinnitus. Building from this experience, I had acquired the certainty that my hearing problems were not owed to an over-exposure with noise and that my state was not irreversible. I only had to find a specialized dentist who was going to cure me quickly and definitely from this malediction. But the game was far from being gained…