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It was not frankly pleasant. I had pins on the head, the ears, the arms, the legs, the toes. I might as well say that I was entirely pinned. The session lasted about thirty minute and ended with cranial osteopathy. After leaving the cabinet I felt much more slackened, tinnitus were much less violent and my hearing was better. But my tensions returned after few days. Thus each week, I went to the acupuncturist. That lasted 6 months. The Doctor Ming fees were not very high, they were about forty euros. For this tariff, you were beneficing of acupunctures session, osteopathy and a general practitioner. But these frequent accumulated meetings appreciably reduced my purchasing power and I end up stopping them. Little by little, I tried to reproduce certain handling of the acupuncturist alone and managed to maintain my body at a relaxing state allowing me to live without therapist. I had stopped all drugs because for a long time I had noted their inefficiency. After having reproduced successfully certain handling of the acupuncturist aiming at slackening the muscles of the neck, I had to reproduce certain handling of osteopathy. A handling made it possible “to unbolt the basin” seemed to fail in the cabinets of osteopathy; thus as I had seen making, I brought back the knee against the belly and folded it back on the right or left without feeling anything that I could have interpreted like an unlocking. During many years, I had practiced karate. One day, during a competition, I had a breakdown. Then, when I started a circular kick sometimes one “crack” was being heard on the level of the articulation between the thigh and the basin. I had always put that on the after-effects of the training. While trying to reproduce osteopathy handling later I reproduced the famous “crack” and in parallel I felt a release of my spinal column which propagated until my jaw. Once this release obtained, while rocking my bust and seeking far behind the right and then the left, I heard cracklings which were coming from my vertebrae. I felt thereafter a great wellbeing. My jaw was slackened and opened with much less deviation. From this moment I did not need to consult an osteopath any more. Then, I learned how to slacken truly my jaw in “positioning back my cervical vertebrae”. I had found the means of relieving myself with low costs, but the wellbeing felt was only temporary. The rectified spinal column bent a few hours later and I had unceasingly to repeat these exercises. I was conscious that this brutal handling could have perverse effects with time but I could not make differently. It is on vacation that I was definitively convinced of the jaw responsibility on my muscular contractions.