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In a healthy situation, the teeth are in a resting position and come into contact only when chewing or at the reflex occlusion moment which the duration is very short of the order the two tenths of a second. When teeth are in uninterrupted contact the jaw functions abnormally and tensions occur.

The compressive force increases exponentially with the height reduction on a teeth range. Conversely this force tends to diminish when teeth increase in height on a particular range : this range must be the one side which jaw is blocking or cracking when full opening the mouth !

How to appreciate that teeth have sufficient height? The answer will appear disconcerting, but just observing healthy people teeth could give an approximation. People having good health and preferably  good mood will in general have a good dental configuration in term of jaw balance,their may have a good posture too.

All this information does not concern any scientific measurement but only my personal experience.