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The contacts must be done simultaneously as well on the left as on the right. But this simultaneity should be taken into account only when the jaw opens to the maximum of its size and the most rectilinearly as possible.

You must familiarize yourself with relaxation exercises aiming at guaranteeing the linearity of this opening. No one does need to pass its kinesitherapist diploma before consulting a dentist! The more elementary stretching will increase your chances of success at each appointment to the dentist cabinet for your occlusion adjustment.

These limbering up exercises will have to be done a few minutes even a few seconds before any occlusion adjustment is carried out. But I can understand that the fact of taking the waiting room of your dentist for a room of PE can wake up suspicions on the integrity of your mental state on the part of the other patients. For the most reserved, think of the leverage effect which the mandible must make so that the condyle moves away from the mandibular pit. A simple pencil between the teeth as when you try to finding concentration will cause to get this relaxation. Have myorelaxants prescribed to you if it is necessary.