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What absolutely must be known !
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I want to say that you had echoes of cases of people relieved from their torments and that these echoes reached you by the known people and not by the statistics of success spread out by your doctor. Why is it important to know all that? The reason is that it is a field not controlled and each doctor whom you will see will want to approach the thing under a new angle and if this angle is not the good one, you will make the expenses of it. Your economies will decrease dramatically, you will lose much time, months, years by accumulating doctors and your health condition has great chances to worsen without you being able to have the least recourse.

Your mandible should not be too backward. Unless having premolars very large, a treatment of orthodontics will perhaps be necessary to advance your mandible. If you have the chin of Bugs Bunny, you will have to ask yourself some questions!

Your teeth should not be too small. The smaller the teeth are and the more important the possibilities of hearing loss are.

The incisors of the mandible should not be too ahead and thus make your jaw move back.

The top incisors should not be shifted compared to that of the bottom. That could mean that the condyles (fork in the jaw bone) are badly centered and consequently nervous compressions could occur.

The height of the first premolar (situated frontward in the mouth) must be higher than that of the last molar on the same line of teeth. At the same time, occlusion must be done on all the teeth. In fact here the important is that range of teeth should respect a certain curve.