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What absolutely must be known !
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It’s difficult to get out of this infernal spiral if one does not consider the problem from every angle. This concept of angle is to be considered seriously. As most fields, dental science has a certain number of reference marks. It would be logical to think that dentists have a great knowledge of the necessary marks to practice their job. Paradoxically, after having consulting a lot of them, I have the conviction that it is not the case. But I will deepen the question of my relations with the dentists further and will try to show pragmatism in this section. Because beyond chattering I think that the question which must haunt any persons concerned with these calamities is: how to get rid of them?

The important thing to know is that you can get rid of these evil. But that can be long and difficult and therefore you cannot unfortunately count only on your dentist to succeed. Nine times out of ten, he will capitulate as soon as difficulties emerge. You can wonder which role you can play in all that… Well, without your technical collaboration, the dentist is likely to have great chance to fail except if its reputation is not to show as regard of results.