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The cardiac disorders of which I was victim when compression was very strong could be explained by a pressure on the pneumogastric nerve. By tackling the problem under a nervous angle, the disparity of the symptoms of which I was victim could find an explanation. The nape ache which is propagated in all the spinal column can come from a compression of the spinal nerves. Accordingly this may be done via muscle which may be triggered by bad nervous signals.


My knowledges in anatomy is these of a layman and the kinematics of the releasing of these disorders could take more complicated ways. But so simplistic my reasoning is, thanks to it I came back from deep abyss.

To conclude on the bed linen it appears essential to me to invest in a bed and a mattress which will maintain the spinal column as well as possible. All the disorders related on the occlusion and to the bad alignment of the vertebrae should not be considered in an isolated way but should be included in a set of problems. The resolution of these problems passes by an appropriation of their mechanism of establishment at the same time by the doctors but especially by the people who suffer from it. That can appear inconceivable but a depressive state, deafness, difficulties of concentrating and respiratory problems can have the same origin: our jaw bad position!