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The role of sleep
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Some doctors asked me if my tinnitus were stronger during the night or in the course of the day. For a long time, it was difficult for me to find sleep. Sometimes it took me several hours before falling asleep.I was often drowsing and I was rarely sleeping deeply and may even say never.. When I could sleep 4 hours at a stretch, it was for me a great victory. Thus for years I did not dream any more; at least I did not remember if I had dreamed when awaking in the morning. Thereafter in my experimental phase of adjustment of the splint, I could have quiet nights where I slept very deeply. These nights made reconciled me with the dreaming world. You must have been prone to lack of sleep to appreciate the benefits of it. Be dreamless, is to be private of some part of your life. Dreaming is going every night on vacation for some fantastic and unknown destinations, provided these dreams are not nightmares!