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I think that men have made big scientific progress. Multiplication of means of transport removed barriers formerly drawn up by distances. The generalization of Internet access exploded the computers sales. Computer became main actor of our daily life. It is an essential tool for working at the office and its using tends to generalize at home either for professional purpose or like an entertainment purpose. Television though it’s no more the only source of visual distraction is still very popular. Everyone can transform its living room into a home cinema place according to its budget. One does not count any more the television channels. As if it wasn’t enough, Internet offers the potentiality to extend television channels infinitely. Video games are available on any support. In a world individuals tend to do less and less physical efforts because of this extreme motorization of their displacement and also because they are confined at their seats all day long: It begins on a chair at the office, then in their armchair the evening at home, the modern man is confronted to evils which did not exist in the past. The backache now touches all categories of ages. Stress is omnipresent and is been used for all sauces by doctors who tend to wrongly use it like an universal explanation for evils badly elucidated and often caused by dentists unconscious of the bonds between malocclusion and the disastrous symptoms which it can cause. Either one is victim of the Costen’s syndrome or not, it is essential to practice physical exercises. For victims of disorders related to disharmonies between jaw and spinal column, a constant sporting practice will help decreasing the symptoms. The constant practice of jogging makes it possible to evacuate stress and to feel much better. Stress in itself does not generate tinnitus or fall of hearing but is a parameter which tends to amplify these various symptoms. According to my observations, the stress feeling along with tinnitus must not be considered as a cause but as a distinct symptom of malocclusion.


When the amplification mechanism of tinnitus is conceptually controlled, it is possible decrease their tonality in many specific ways: self-osteopathy i.e. by practicing some gymnastics exercises, running, swimming … To obtain a durable reduction for tinnitus, sport should be daily practiced. But not anyhow! Personally I misadvise practice of body building exercises if it is not targeted. That could cause to contract muscles that already are too much contracted and consequently, it will worsen the disorders. Practice jogging will have to be punctuated by exercises of stretching which will cause to rectify the spinal column which the position is dependant on the jaw position. These stretching will make it possible to find a second breath. During a very long time, I suffered from a problem of endurance. Thereafter, I understood that this early tiredness was also pathological. I observed that the most intense moments of tiredness corresponded to the moments when my jaw opened more difficultly. At these moments, I had “the legs cut” and I was victim of cardiac peaks which obliged me to stop running. With the full conscience of the various aspects that are causing temporomandibular disorders, namely the relation between the jaw, the spinal column and their action in one way or another to the cranial nerves, it was enough for me thereafter as soon as I detected an abnormal tiredness to carry out some stretching to be able to continue my race