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Internet was capital in the understanding of my disease. The advantage of working in data processing is to have permanently access to the World Wide Web network. From there, I started to widen my horizons and I noted that I was far from being an isolated case. I took an active part in forums on the subject of tinnitus. Each one exchanged its tricks to fight against this abomination. It is what led me to consult an osteopath because these experts, specialists of the body frame had apparently the gift of attenuating tinnitus with the only use of their hand ! I was skeptical because according to my knowledge since two thousand years, nobody had competed with the Christ!

The first osteopath that I consulted was in a town wish name is Le Raincy. Living recently in the neighborhood, I had chosen the nearest therapist. Le Raincy had the reputation to shelter the middle-class of the “nine three” because of its many villas of which some had a swimming pool. The prices of the apartments could reach those practiced in Paris. Having exposed my tinnitus and hypoacusia problems, the osteopath lapped on his computer to find a definition of hypoacusia accompanied by a homeopathic list of drugs corresponding to this symptom. Obviously, the purpose of the operation was to impress me because he felt a certain satisfaction when he informed me of the definition. We finally came in the main subject. He started a series of handling aiming at restoring my balance. At the end of its handling, I felt no relief. He prescribed me some homeopathic drugs and ensured me that in approximately ten days I will be relieved from my tinnitus.

The second osteopath that I consulted exerted in Lille. With a particularly well documented Internet site on the malocclusion, he could only be an expert on the matter.

After having exposed my problem and shown my radios to him, the therapist pointed out to me that I throbbed my body from right to left and that could mean and unbalance. A fast examination enables him to confirm his statement by declaring me that I had the basin lower on one side and that I had according to him a true short leg…

Yes in fact there can be false short legs! I had learned it in the Doctor BMO cabinet. I made bruxism because I tightened too much the jaw; I had a shoulder higher than the other and had a leg shorter than the other. “But it is a false short leg” He added, which had not reassured me much. That did many defects which were returned to me in full face in the space of a few minutes and digestion was rather difficult

To come back with the osteopath, the latter made me lengthen on a table, folded and unfolded my legs; passed the hand under my sacrum what causes certain mistrust. Do I not have business with a deranged person or a kind of one! He affixed his hands on my skull to remove the tensions. At the end of the session, nothing had changed in my state, according to him; the symptoms should also improve in the next days. A heel-piece was prescribed to me to remove this problem of true short leg. That being after having told him that someone had already detected me a false short leg I felt a weakness in his certainty.

But it should be noted that I had acquired the certainty that my tinnitus and my hearing problem were depending  in whatever way it was on my wisdom teeth. The 6 months preceding my visit at the osteopath had been marked by the appearance of a disorder which I thought hadn't any connection with all the other symptoms. Since the beginning of the year, I suffered from an intense muscular weakness and my head seemed to weigh a ton. When waking every mornings it was impossible for me to raise my head from the bed. This one seemed having become too heavy! I had to held it with my hands. I went for consulting a general practitioner who asked me to make radios. The radios revealed muscular contractions on the level of the neck. A neck race was prescribed to me. I have never bought it because the contractions seemed to be less violent during the course of the day and especially I did not understand why I had to carry this trick whereas I did not have made any accident.