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Yes in fact there can be false short legs! I had learned it in the Doctor BMO cabinet. I made bruxism because I tightened too much the jaw; I had a shoulder higher than the other and had a leg shorter than the other. “But it is a false short leg” He added, which had not reassured me much. That did many defects which were returned to me in full face in the space of a few minutes and digestion was rather difficult

To come back with the osteopath, the latter made me lengthen on a table, folded and unfolded my legs; passed the hand under my sacrum what causes certain mistrust. Do I not have business with a deranged person or a kind of one! He affixed his hands on my skull to remove the tensions. At the end of the session, nothing had changed in my state, according to him; the symptoms should also improve in the next days. A heel-piece was prescribed to me to remove this problem of true short leg. That being after having told him that someone had already detected me a false short leg I felt a weakness in his certainty.

But it should be noted that I had acquired the certainty that my tinnitus and my hearing problem were depending  in whatever way it was on my wisdom teeth. The 6 months preceding my visit at the osteopath had been marked by the appearance of a disorder which I thought hadn't any connection with all the other symptoms. Since the beginning of the year, I suffered from an intense muscular weakness and my head seemed to weigh a ton. When waking every mornings it was impossible for me to raise my head from the bed. This one seemed having become too heavy! I had to held it with my hands. I went for consulting a general practitioner who asked me to make radios. The radios revealed muscular contractions on the level of the neck. A neck race was prescribed to me. I have never bought it because the contractions seemed to be less violent during the course of the day and especially I did not understand why I had to carry this trick whereas I did not have made any accident.