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Brutally, at 37 years a white spot appeared on my face, I believed initially that was caused by dehydration. I usually apply hydrating cream on my face in the morning. Thus by noting this white spot similar to a sign of skin dryness that I daily express I did not alarm. When the following day this spot reappeared at the same place in spite of the careful application of cream on the whole of my face I believed that I was victim of a momentary allergy and that things would soon came back to normality. However, it was not the case, this apparent dehydration extended to other places of my face. I then tested antifungal creams which did not have any effect. I started little by little to be gained by itchings. In parallel with the itchings, a portion of skin of the palm of my left hand seemed disintegrated to form a wound as if an invisible needle seemed rummaging through my flesh. I went to consult a general practitioner who diagnosed that I was victim of eczema and prescribed me a cream for this purpose. For me, it was a bad news because I had often heard that eczema could be related to asthma. My mother was victim of asthma and the idea that this could enlarge the row of bizarre things of which I was victim did not enchant me much.

The bond with occlusion was not obvious because the beginning of the release of this eczema corresponded to one period of work that I had undertaken in my attic where I had breathed a lot of dust. A constant indicated to me that there was great possibility that my eczema was also the resultant of my malocclusion. Indeed, the pushes of eczema appeared most often in the morning when waking up clock like my tinnitus and my hypoacusia (deafness). Consequently, a careful listening of my body indicated that this disorder was being an affection caused by a posture and mandible dysfunction. Thereafter, this eczema was propagated at various places of my body and itchings were omnipresent. My face darkens; my armpits did not support any more the alcoholic deodorants and spots appeared on my chest.

Most people of my entourage of which I suspected being victims of occlusion disorder also expressed eczema.