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I was often subject to headaches. I isolated two type of headache: One is due to over occlusion and the other one to tinnitus.

Here is an example of the first type : following a temporary put in of dental crowns by Doctor G-V, certain symptoms which had disappeared remade their appearance (cardiac disorders and headaches), and others always present worsened. I then noted that the excess height of the temporary crowns (on the back of left side) caused a compression in the left part of my skull. Indeed, I had the impression of having the head wedged in a vice which was tightening in the course of the day. I also felt this excess of pressure on the level of my Eustachian tube (organ of hearing) and I had the feeling that it swelled without being able to expel the air surplus of it.

The second type of headaches isolated is related to the tinnitus intensity and can sometimes reach an unbearable level.