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Certain symptoms can not be detected before years because they are set up very slowly.

Persuading a person that the reduction in her intellectual effectiveness can find an explanation in the report of its jaw with the remainder of its body can prove to be a rather difficult task.

During many years, I thought that the progressive death of the ambitious man I was younger was due to my ageing and that I had reached the limits of my intellect. I know now that I was wrong. This lowering of the faculties may be the consequence of a deprogramming of the correct individual functioning. This deprogramming is the result of a structural perturbation. The natural reflex of the medical community in the case of memory and concentration disorder will be to focus on the operational center of the individual whish is the brain. TMJ from the diversity of the symptoms it generates highlights the fact that the human body must be considered in its overall. It is only when a person became aware that the simple fact of being able to think correctly is conditioned by some structural prerequisites that it is possible for him to act efficiently on its performances. Contrary to the generally accepted idea, our intelligence is not entirely contained in our brain. The human being has 100 billion neurons of which 13.5 million are in the spinal-cord. The spinal-cord is inside in the vertebrae. It happens that a bad stability of the jaw is likely to involve disturbances in the way the vertebrae are driven and how they are engaged each others. Being conscious of that allows a better understanding in the relation between the correct functioning of our body structure and our intellectual performances.