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I was for a long time in the grip of an excessive quasi constant nervousness and I often felt dashed without serious reason. Something prevented me from interacting positively with my environment and I didn’t know what it was. One often pointed out me that I did not smile a lot. I seriously thought that this state of permanent sadness was the psychological consequence of all the calamities of which I was victim. Today I know that the reason is elsewhere. A correct adjustment of occlusion attenuates this state of discomfort in the same way it decreases tinnitus. According to the mandible position, I could pass from a melancholic mood person to an optimistic mood, this in the laps of two different occlusive adjustments. I insist on the fact that this change of state owes nothing to any psychological technical. The starting factor of this disorder of mood, just as tinnitus, is indeed of physiological nature. Fighting with tranquilizers can bring a momentary relief, but in no case a cure.

I would even affirm that a large number of patients treated for depression are victims of TMJ.