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Everyone experimented at one time or another fall of the vigilance, where the spirit wanders in zones more or less remote from the subject on which it should be concentrated. It is probable that the momentary loss of memory is also a familiar experiment to the majority of people. One goes seeking a screwdriver in the garage and once arrived in the garage, one wonders what one came there for. In a state of malocclusion these symptoms are amplified so much so that they become invalidating.

If I characterize my state of discomfort like a state of crisis, I would say that in state of crisis it is impossible for me to concentrate on any matter whatever it is. All occurs as if I had been injected one tranquillizing or a drug which makes my brain unable to reason. While I did not provide any excessive work, I feel in the state of saturation of someone who worked more than twelve hours on a project or a complex problem!

The more surprising, is that I just have to practice some stretching during which I hear the cracking emitted by my vertebrae at the time when they are positioned back so that all returns in the order. Repositioning of the cervical vertebrae is particularly crucial.