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Throughout this period, my tinnitus keep on increasing and my hearing always decreases and I feel more and more embarrassment to follow conversations. Without believing in it any more I still continue to take vasodilators prescribed by Ents. At that time, I live in Paris and Doctor Francis Blum although a little abrupt in its manners is the first Ent to say to me that he does not believe too much in this history of sound trauma and proposes to stop the treatment for 6 months…

The hearing aid cost me nearly one thousand five hundred euro, the health insurance coupled with my mutual insurance company covered only the two tenth of the total cost. For this price, I expected correct performances. Yet, I was not there. I was of course very glad while leaving from the prothesist to hear noises which I was not aware to not hear them any more, but these devices are far from being able to simulate a human ear correctly. In the street, you more hear the engines noise than the words of people surrounding you. When several people speak at the same time the noise level of a person in background will be almost identical to that of a person being opposite you, which gives the impression that everyone speaks at the same time. But a curious fact started to hold my attention. My hearing aid induced an additional hearing loss of about 5db which grew blurred when removing my apparatus. At the beginning, I believed that it was due to the too strong amplification of the sounds which not appeared to me as being unreasonably amplified…