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That being said except hearing the other tests did not show anything abnormal.

Our doctor concludes that my level of reduction in hearing remains light nevertheless and that consequently no equipment is necessary. Drugs are prescribed to me. It is necessary to take vasodilators, “praxilene 200” and “nootropyl 800” three times a day for 6 months.

Thus on this inventory of fixtures, I decide to avoid to the maximum the noisy places, my exits of Saturday are almost suppressed and no more walkman helmet comes in contact with my ears. Some few months later, I indeed notice a change on my tinnitus but speaking about improvement is a rather difficult step to cross. Thus 6 months later, I find myself at my otorhinolaryngologist. He notes that my hearing still fell and asks me questions aiming to suspect me of having abused with noisy place. I protest and announced inefficiency of the treatment. Indeed, during this time another acute sound took place in my right ear and in a degree of harmfulness which was multiplied by ten compared to the noise caused by the solitary mosquito which I heard 6 months before.