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Besides my hearings problems, I suffered from some occasional disorders. I suffered from palpitation and cardiac peaks which worried so much that I consulted a cardiologist. The latter put that on stress caused by too frequent professional changes and drugs aiming at calming my spirit were prescribed me. My back also started to make me suffer atrociously. But I also put that on my professional sedentariness because when I was an itinerant technician I do not remember to often complaining for backache. When my level of stress was at its zenith as a breakdown service technician specializes in copiers, I did not have any cardiac palpitation. It was a very formative trade because I developed my autonomy while intervening on copiers of various manufacturers with as only the formation manufacturer documentations of each machine. The customers being only professionals, a broken down machine could mean the blocking of their activity. They subscribed to expensive maintenance contracts and consequently they were demanding to respect the repair delay. The change for computer hardware maintenance was for me rather resting therapy with regard to the copiers after-sales service technician.