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Once at the radio I had heard that a person had been healed from tinnitus while being made her wisdom teeth removed. Since this day a glimmer of hope has germinated in my spirit. At the army, I had asked the doctor if there were a possibility that the push of my wisdom teeth could have a relationship of any kind with my hearing problems. There was in fact one of them which was growing askew because of a not replaced missing molar. But according to him there was no bond between the push of a tooth and disorders of hearing. Then, each time I consulted an Ent, I put this history of tooth up. But they all were unanimous, for them it did not have any relationship there. I ended up believing that I had dreamed this history of tinnitus related to wisdom teeth. One day I fall on a book at “Fnac” (a French book seller) entitled “Tinnitus”, his author Bernard Montain a dentist and teacher is also adept of natural therapy. This book makes a display of the various causes of tinnitus and evokes the disorders of occlusion as a possible cause of tinnitus. Nevertheless, I acquired the book during the course of the year 2000 and decided myself to take an appointment with its author only in 2002. But it is another history…