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It is time for me to carry out my military service. I try to escape it by invoking hearing loss and my Tinnitus. But I am accused of simulation and sent few times later on the Military base of Cambrai to carry out my classes there. The frequent landing of the fighter planes literally tears my tympanums, if the dance floors had partially spared me, the planes did not flunk me. Not being able to bear no more planes I am admitted to the infirmary where a young doctor gives me some explanations on how the ears works and states me in particular that some of my hair cells are damaged. The hair cells are similar to lashes as their name indicates; they are located in the internal ear known under the name of cochlea. The hair cells have as a role to transform the sound waves into electric impulses so that information can be transmitted to the brain.

Following the report of my defective hearing, I am admitted in a hospital in Lille in order to undergo a treatment by perfusion. My roommate, a young man doing his military service like me is also victim of an acute tinnitus appeared in one of his ears while firing practices. One both injects us “Piracetam” a vasodilatator during one week. Few days later my neighbour’s tinnitus completely disappeared. Some of mine decreased in intensity and my hearing is slightly improved during the treatment. But at the end of the treatment, I go back to the base still with almost as much disorder in the head.