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Moreover my hearing starts to bother me a bit. As it appears that these treatments are long to make effect, I get 6 months of additional treatment with other drugs, Vastarel and Tanakan. One cannot say that these drugs do not do anything at all since Tanakan makes me lose weight and Vastarel seems to attenuate in an infinitesimal way my Tinnitus. One thing is sure; it is that I start to feel force-fed by having to take these drugs every day for some results more than debatable. I would have done without these kilos in less because at this time I already miss credibility to girls with my sixty kilos for my meter and seventy three centimeters. Losing two additional kilos is a luxury which I will have readily abstained from. With 12 months of additional treatment I start to wonder serious questions. Meanwhile my otorhinolaryngologist briefed me on the irreversible character of my state. After 18 months of treatment nothing has changed, quite to the contrary, I have no more one single sound in each ear but a true unmatched concerto seems to have set place in the deepest of my skull.