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However, tinnitus are only a warning and other symptoms may occurs simultaneously: cardiac palpitations, cramp, gastric problems, etc It often happen to me to rise of a jump from the bed in the morning because I felt a sudden squeezing in the chest. It is then not impossible that this intensity of my tinnitus, by keeping me in a state of half-sleep, prevented me from trespassing during my sleep.

It is easy to understand that all these disorders seriously harm the sleep quality. For example, the deep sleep is characterized by presence of dreams. With the syndrome of Costen, one does not dream any more and that can last several years. Nights are characterized by phases of somnolence and not by a true refreshing sleep. With time, I found parades. Sleeping on the back and without any pillow is one of them. A small cushion under the knees can even help to fall asleep more easily by removing the desire of turning over. But sometimes there is nothing to do, tinnitus are in Red Alert and the only solution is to relieve the vertebrae whose movements are not done naturally any more. Obviously, in middle of the night, it is not possible to awake its osteopath.