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The position of the mandible determines the posture, but that is also worth in the other direction. The posture determines the position of the mandible. The person suffering from disorders related to posture must understand this relationship if he or she wants to cure. The only awakening of the concept can change a life. Unfortunately, medical competition is such that people who make relevant discoveries on the etiology of some so called mysterious disorders can not be heard by ordinary people because of the too numerous thesis that pollute serious healer claiming.

The application of the comprehension of this concept on my own person contributed to get me out of the darkness where I was plunged. Thus I can affirm that this postural approach is capital but incomplete. There are purely postural disorders perhaps but I think that it is essential to take into consideration the disturbance of the transfer of information to the brain. This transfer of information is ensured by the nervous fibers which establish connections with all the organs of the human body. Much documentation highlights the various disorders which can occur when a cranial nerve is compressed. This compression of the nerves can be related to the pressure of blood-vessels.

Uncertainties remain concerning the exact ways borrowed by the various nerves while leaving the brain-pan. At all events, once it was understood that the posture could generate random disorders in the whole of our body it becomes possible to prevent the appearance of theses disorders by restoring the normality of this posture. The position of the jaw being for me the starting factor, the latter in one way or another must be in an adequate position so that the whole system can function correctly. One of the crucial factors contributing to the apparition of TMJ disorders is a bad tongue position in the mouth : We are victims of the tongue lowering which contributes by its bad position to worsening the symptoms.