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The embarrassment caused by tinnitus is comparable to the perceived interferences when a radio frequency is badly tuned, i.e. when it overlaps another frequency. The voice of the listener is always perceptible but one does not understand all and unwanted noise becomes quickly deafening!

My obsession to want to get rid of my tinnitus taught me a lot of thing. Although my vocation in this world was to quietly carry out my small way of life, this abomination messed up my program so much that I said to myself that people who are suffering like I suffered should be helped.

It is surely not a secret for the people concerned, tinnitus can have various origins and locating this origin is essential if one wants to find one day the peace all human deserve. 70% of tinnitus is due to a bad jaw position. I base myself partly on informations piled up here and there, but for most, of my personal experience.